How to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

This is apparently a question that many Twitter users are asking themselves these days. I was intrigued by the question myself once working towards starting up my own Independent Boutique called Rebel Elle. I concerned myself with boosting the number of followers for my Twitter account because I felt it would boost awareness of our business, the more followers I could generate meant the more people would know about Rebel Elle and potentially we’d have fans and customers a-like interested in what were creating. Social Networks today seem to have a great capability of boosting businesses, especially new businesses if they are managed efficiently.

I spent some time investigating this process myself and needless to say, it is worth investing research time into if you have any idea you’d like people to know about.


I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site, but I signed up and put in a few interests of my business like crafts. I then looked at some of the other account holders who had similar interests and followed their accounts. Within a period of about 15 minutes my follower count increased by 22 followers.

2. Tweet Often.

The more you have to say, the more likely people are to listen to it. They may not want to hear some obnoxious ramblings about nonsense, but if you take the time to invent quality tweets and tweet regularly then your chances for success with increasing followers on Twitter should be much greater.

3. Position yourself as someone who follows back.

The more potential followers are inclined to believe that you are liable to follow them, if they follow you, then just that will happen. I have personally frowned down upon this method choosing to only follow account holders who hold similar interests or seemed interesting, because it increased your chances of getting spammers and tweeters who tweet so constantly it was almost like spammers. But I have also witness people who post messages requesting followers and especially those who suggest that they will follow in return generate hundreds to hundreds of thousands of friends over short periods of time.

4. Broadcast your Twitter through other social networking and blogging sites.

Notifying your followers on other accounts such as Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, and Polyvore, about your presence on Twitter will draw your followers and fans from other social networks and blogs to your Twitter account. Writing a post about your Twitter and leaving a link to your account from  another blog or network. The more you draw people to your Twitter account (especially when doing so through convenient linking systems) can increase followers in large quantities. My Twitter account is linked both to my businesses Tumblr and Facebook accounts so that both sites receive tweets casted from Twitter. I also always leave the link to my businesses Twitter in every profile I fill out.

5. Broadcast your Twitter offline as well.

Including the url for your twitter account on business cards, and other business materials is likely to boost presence just as successfully as on other social networks.

6. Increase your Interaction with other Twitter users.

When you reply to someone and/or have them reply to you, your Twitter ID appears in the news feeds of other users and recent tweets lists which  increases your exposure to Millions of other Twitter users. A good way to start is why asking other members you follow questions or to tweet questions yourself. Every response to your question is a new follower. Stay active in other followers and members accounts as well the more active you are the more feeds you should have and the more interest you are creating.

7. Tweet During Peak times.

Peak tweet times are during United States business hours which are from 8 am-8 pm during the weekdays. It works in the opposite if you are in the US and would like to attract potential followers overseas.

8. Tweet with substance.

People are only going to continue to listen to what you have to say, if you can provide them substance. Captivating tweets about topics of interests that already generate a lot of buzz are likely to in increase followers. Teaching skills, providing entertanment, and offering services lure in readers steadily as talking about your life gets boring after a while as everyone has their own life to live unless of course you’re Madonna or someone.

9. Be yourself.

This is self explanatory. You are much more interesting and seem like someone in the know when you are being true to yourself at all times. you can receive genuine followers interested in you by staying honest and real.