What is Twitter?
By Ellie Lewis

Microblogging has become the wave of the future. There isn’t a place you can go in any modern city, no not even your own state courthouse, without someone requesting you to view their twitter page and follow their tweets. Thanks to the website, an online social networking service. Members who sign up for twitter can create pages for any variety of needs not just limited to those with business or personal needs and advertise or update on goings to the world through rich text based 140 characters messages, also known as, tweets.

Twitter, was created by Jack Dorsey in March of 2006 and launched in July of that same year. Founders include Dorsey, as well as Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Since its launch, Twitter has rapidly gained worldwide popularity. Twitter has come to be known as the “SMS of the internet”. As simple as texting and now making it convenient to reach more than just your contacts list in your phone.

Twitter, has grown so rapidly in the eight years since its birth that it presently boats over 300 million users who generate over 300 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries daily. As stated previously a quick browse through Twitter’s suggestions of who to follow can put you in touch with a host of networking opportunities or just those you may admire, find interest in or find a new way to learn. Everyone from celebrities to pre-teen children these days have twitter accounts. Traditionally twitter accounts are created and used as a method of microblogging in which the account holder is allowed to send 140 character status updates and messages. Twitter seems to be very strict about the 140 character limit which can cause particular stress to bloggers used to less restrictive word counts. I’ve literally been told by many people that they can’t do Twitter, they find their own writing too lengthy and therefore would not be able to successfully maintain a Twitter account.

There is significant competition between parties of Twitter, Facebook, and Google for Social media presence and web dominance. The three companies are nearly at odds on every level. If you’ve taken the time to notice that any website that requires registration through email address and verification can now be made more convenient by just allowing access to sign in with either you’re Google email, Facebook sign in, or Twitter site. The ease of convenience is another reason why members are flocking to use services provided by companies like Twitter,especially for networking as it keeps you connected with many followers, gives you the opportunity to explore more people and what they have to say as well market yourself or even just rant about you dead end job.

Twitter, found at,, provides service worldwide and is free to sign-up. Registration; however, is required to post, follow or be followed. Twitter is available in a number of countries and in several different languages. Twitter itself has an account which you may follow for updated tweets about the Alexa ranked social networking service. Twitter’s member account has over 7 million followers and nearly 2,000 tweets as of January 2012.